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Our company, which is the leading manufacturer of Geodetic Event Tents, produces event tents for the best companies in the industry. Our production team works hand in hand with you to design custom products for you.

You can stand out by applying your advertising works, brand or logo to the event tents.

Our Event Tents are a crowd favorite at every music festival, performance show, trade show and convention. As the Event Marketing Industry's choice, we are proud to establish relationships with world-renowned companies.

Some Usage Areas of Our Geodetic Organization Tents;

Projection Tents and Planetarium Domes, Corporate Events and Conventions, Trade Shows and Exhibition Booths, Product Launches and Promotional Tours, Art Installations, Festivals, Rooftop Halls, Movie Sets, Private Parties, Special Occasions and Much More.


  • Diameter:5Mt
  • Height:3Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 2 people an average of 2-3 hours


  • Diameter:6Mt
  • Height:3.5Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 3 people an average of 3-4 hours


  • Diameter:7Mt
  • Height:4.2Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 3 people an average of 4-5 hours


  • Diameter:8Mt
  • Height:4.5Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 4 people an average of 5-6 hours

Frame: Galvanized and/or powder coated thick metal construction. Connecting feet for solid attachment to wood and concrete floor surfaces. Bolt set. DIY product installation guide.

Tent Fabric: It is made of flameproof, UV added, antibacterial, medicated, special production PVC Membrane fabric. You can contact us for color variations. Printing can be done.

Dome Tent Kit: Kit bag containing Ropes, Screws, nuts, safety washers and repair kit is delivered with the product.

Tent Door: As you can choose the standard Oval door, we have a wide selection of zippered canvas, PVC, aluminum and wooden doors.

Insulation: We offer a custom made bisofol aba cover sewn on one side canvas fabric, which is the best insulation option on the market.

Ventilation: There are ridge caps on the upper part, besides the opening and closing membrane windows with mosquito nets, acetate, providing natural air circulation. Circular weather observation windows can be added to the products as fixed. There are air conditioner outlet and heater inlet covers in the tents.

Instructions:Detailed tent assembly manual is delivered with the product. You can get phone support and installation support.

Our Tents

Corporate Events
Corporate Events

You can choose our geodesic tents to make the most interesting presentation in Commercial Promotions, Product Launches, Promotional Tours.

Art Organizations
Art Organizations

Our Event Tents for Exhibitions, Performing Arts, Festivals, Lounge Parties are at your service.

Wedding Organizations
Wedding Organizations

Our Dome Tents; It can be used safely for 12 months without fear of snow, rain and wind. You can create a different Wedding concept.

Sports Events
Sports Events

Sports Domes are loved by athletes and spectators. Portability and fast setup come to the fore. While the dome provides protection from the sun in the hot seasons, it guarantees full protection in the cold season.

Film Sets
Film Sets

It has been the choice of movie sets and directors in many parts of the world. You can easily install and remove it in organizations

Projection Tents
Projection Tents

It can be used easily in outdoor demonstrations, and provides 12 months of use with its architecture resistant to strong winds, rain and heavy snowfall.

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