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We continue to be a pioneer in Glamping Tent manufacturing! Our glamping tents, which completely change the traditional housing concept, can be easily designed and permissions can be obtained, and do not enter the permanent structure status, are at your service.

The glamping tents we produce are used in ecological housing areas, ecological hotels, camping - bungalow projects and home construction projects that want to create environmentally friendly and sustainable housing solutions.

Glamping tents, with their architectural design, prevent snow, wind and rain in the best way. You can use our insulated tents for 12 months with wood burning stove or air conditioner add-ons.

Glamping Tent 5Mt

  • Diameter:5Mt
  • Height:3Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 2 people an average of 2-3 hours


Glamping Tent 6Mt

  • Diameter:6Mt
  • Height:3.5Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 3 people an average of 3-4 hours


Glamping Tent 7Mt

  • Diameter:7Mt
  • Height:4.2Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 3 people an average of 4-5 hours


Glamping Tent 8Mt

  • Diameter:8Mt
  • Height:4.75Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 4 people an average of 5-6 hours


Frame: Galvanized and/or powder coated thick metal construction. Connecting feet for solid attachment to wood and concrete floor surfaces. Bolt set. DIY product installation guide.

Tent Fabric: It is made of flameproof, UV added, antibacterial, medicated, special production PVC Membrane fabric. You can contact us for color variations.

Dome Tent Kit: Kit bag containing Ropes, Screws, nuts, safety washers and repair kit is delivered with the product.

Tent Door: As you can choose the standard metal door, we have a choice of zippered tarpaulin, PVC, aluminum and wooden doors.

Insulation: We offer a custom-made one-sided canvas fabric sewn-on bizofol aba cover, which is the best insulation option on the market.

Stove: If requested, the stove outlet is delivered open.

Ventilation:There are ridge caps on the upper part, besides the opening and closing membrane windows with mosquito nets, acetate, providing natural air circulation. Circular weather observation windows can be added to the products as fixed. There are air conditioner outlet and heater inlet covers in the tents.

Instructions: Detailed tent assembly manual is delivered with the product. You can get phone support and installation support.

Our Tents

Eco Life Tent
Eco Life Tent

You can choose our geodesic tents for a sustainable life in harmony with nature.

Emergency Tent
Emergency Tent

It meets the functions of safe shelter, emergency response and mobile hospital with its easy installation, robust structure and mobility.

Earthquake Tent
Earthquake Tent

You can store it for years in its special carrying case and make it ready for use in a few hours in case of emergency. It can be used safely for 12 months.

Studio Tent
Studio Tent

It serves as an independent and quiet space in your gardens, workplaces, open offices. If you want, you can disassemble it within 2 hours and store it safely in its carrying bag.

Yoga Tent
Yoga Tent

It has been the choice of hotels, sports centers and return to nature areas in many parts of the world. You can easily install and remove it in organizations.

Highland Tent
Highland Tent

It can be used easily in highland and camping areas, and provides 12 months of use with its architecture resistant to strong winds, rain and heavy snowfall.

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