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Helps develop children's motor skills. It promotes muscle development. Improves hand-foot body coordination.

Geodesic climbing tower is suitable for use between 3-14 years old. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is weather resistant. It has a completely mobile structure that can be easily installed and removed. Its segmented structure allows them to be stored in minimum space when disassembled.

Geodesic Climbing Tower 3Mt

  • Diameter: 3Mt
  • Height:2Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 2 people an average of 1 Hour


Geodesic Climbing Tower 4Mt

  • Diameter:4Mt
  • Height:2.5Mt
  • Insulation: Optional
  • Installation: 2 people average 1-2 Hours


Frame: Galvanized and/or powder coated metal construction. Connecting feet for solid attachment to wood and concrete floor surfaces. Bolt set. DIY product installation guide.

Dome Tent Kit: Kit bag containing Ropes, Screws, nuts, safety washers and repair kit is delivered with the product.

Instructions: Detailed tent assembly manual is delivered with the product. You can get phone support and installation support.

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